Hydrotherm Massage
@ The Lanes Clinic
£45 for 60mins
£65 for 90mins

Enjoy massage strokes, holds & stretches while reclining on a warm water filled cushion.
Need I say more?!
Heres what others have to say about it:

"Pure bliss! A true treat!"
"Warm, soothing & wonderfully relaxing. Afterwards I felt at peace." 
"It really removed tension from my muscles.
I could have gone to sleep afterwards.
I will certainly choose Hydrotherm massage again & would recommend it to my friends."


The unique set up allows your core muscles to relax, having a symbiotic effect on the mind and emotions, 
allowing you to “let go” of tension held within.
The therapist’s hands slide between you and the water cushion, achieving deep pressure along the postural muscles.
Limbs are stretched out, opening the body and loosening tension.
Any postural discrepancies and physical imbalances show up clearly and can be addressed until they have been amended.
Temperature is adjusted to the season, helping to keep you wonderfully warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.

Regular hydrotherm treatment help to maintain well-being, freedom of movement, help to unlock your physical potential and prevent problems from reoccurring.
Massage During Pregnancy
@ The Lanes Clinic
£45 for 60mins

The temperature of the water inside the cushions is kept between 30-32°C to ensure a safe and comfortable body temperature.
I help you safely get into position on the hydrotherm system.
The top end of the couch will be tilted up to put you into a semi-reclined position, the height depends on your stage of pregnancy, making sure you are in the best position for you and your baby.
Treatment can focus on common pregnancy issues:
* Restless legs
* Fluid retention in the feet /ankles
* Carpel tunnel in the wrists
* Sinus congestion
* Pelvic discomfort
* Aches and pains in the lower back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck areas caused by postural changes

I use Neroli essential oil which is safe to use during pregnancy.
It helps with problems of an emotional origin, reducing any tension or anxiety you may feel about the birth.
It also helps to induce sleep and can soothe heartburn. 

Special Offer.
Pay upfront for 4 massages and receive a Neroli bump cream.
Take it home with you to rub into your bump at bedtime.
I create this cream myself by blending together a coconut and grapeseed based cream adding in calendula and jojoba oil with Neroli essential oil. It is paraben free and suitable for sensitive skin. As well as the benefits of the aromatherapy oils, the carrier oils also provide nourishment for the skin of the bump, helping to prevent stretch marks.
  Pregnancy Hydrotherm  Testimonials:

 "Reclining on the water cushions made me feel weightless,
I was extremely comfortable throughout the whole treatment

 The baby really enjoyed it too and was kicking and wriggling lots!

 Afterwards I had a real energy boost & didn’t even need my usual nap that day!
 That night I had one of the best nights sleeps I have had in weeks.
I would truly recommend this massage to all pregnant ladies!" 

    "I really relaxed on the hydrotherm system, it relieved my aches & pains.
I'd highly recommend it."
"Hydrotherm massage was a lovely treat while I was pregnant.
A great way to unwind during this busy and challenging time of life!"
"The lymphatic drainage techniques definitely improved the swelling in my feet & legs."