Holistic Massage @ My Home Clinic
£35 for 60min appointment

A combination of gentle advanced techniques
Lymphatic Massage & Acupressure
for a truly bespoke wellbeing treatment.

"As a Fibromyalgia sufferer,
my regular treatment with Kimberley gives me more freedom of movement & eases my pain,
giving me a better quality of life."
Margaret B 

 "Kimberley helps me with my ME / CFS.
Each session is relaxing & unhurried.
I recommend Kimberley to any ME/CFS sufferers, for relief & support.
She is a very gentle & patient, makes me feel special, as if I am her only client!"
Fran L 
"Following glandular fever & shingles I developed post viral syndrome. 
Resulting in severe oedema in my whole body, most noticeably in my face and around my jaw.
I had monthly massages with Kimberley for around 2 years, 
it made a huge difference to my oedema, fatigue & muscle / joint pain. 
Each session was incredibly relaxing, I left feeling calmer & happier.
I cannot recommend Kimberley more, she has been completely fantastic & is always so understanding & positive.
She has been a brilliant source of support for me & made a huge difference to my wellbeing."
Rosie C
"I found Kimberley 2 years ago when I experienced a relapse of ME.
After each session, I felt as if my lethargy had lifted, I had been revived & was on an energy 'high'.
Kim herself is lovely & understanding.
I can honestly say that the treatment helped my condition as I am now back at work.
I thoroughly recommend her!"

"I will be forever grateful to Kimberley. 
She is an exceptional therapist, who understood immediately, intuitively & skillfully, what my mother needed.
Her care, compassion & ability to offer
calm empathy through her massage work will always stay with me.
Kimberley allowed me to connect with my mother & reminded me the importance of
Kimberley has been instrumental in getting me through this difficult time &

has given my mother ease & relief when little else could.
Thank you so much for your gift, I am always in your debt."

Dr Ingrid Wassenaar

"Knowledgeable therapist who knows her stuff & who is a sincere & true soul x"
Lymphatic massage is a very gentle form of massage that encourages the flow & release of lymphatic fluid.
Modern life can impede the immune system but lymphatic massage helps to restore your body’s protection against illness.
* Healing speeding up recovery after a period of stress, illness or operation. 
* Immune draining the lymphatic system can aid ear, nose & throat conditions.
* Allergies help to reduce the symptoms of hay fever & other mild allergies.
* Swelling of the feet / ankles, general fluid retention in the legs & the visual reduction of cellulite.
* T onic   if you are feeling tired, drained or washed out.

Acupressure uses finger pressure held on pressure points around the body for between 30 secs to 3 minuites each helping with:
* Relieving symptoms of specific pain conditions such as headaches, migraine, sciatica etc
* Lowering stress levels & the effects anxiety has on the body, mind & emotions.
* Achieving deep relaxation which can help restore quality of sleep and boost energy levels.